my experience with Pre-Natal Yoga

Now that you are pregnant, you may be wondering if you should be working out and which exercise routines you can perform. Even if you have not been active or exercising much due to fatigue during your first trimester, some light exercise is actually good for you and your baby. For example, walking strengthens your heart, lungs, increases stamina, relieves nausea and aids in better sleep whereas swimming offers excellent cardiovascular benefits. Plus, getting into the habit of exercise will minimize the complications that you may face during labour and improves your chances of an easy and natural delivery. What’s more, regular exercise can also help you get your body back more quickly after birth.

Last weekend, I attended a pre-natal Yoga trial class, with compliments from Inspire Mum and Baby. Although I have been guilty of not being an active pregnant mum-to-be, but the lesson was conducted with a very gentle learning curve, especially designed for pregnant mummies like us to start with. You can begin at any point during your pregnancy, even if you have never set foot in a Yoga class before.

Throughout the lesson, we learned breathing techniques that we will find helpful during labour; and some stretching, strengthening and toning exercises to help us better prepare ourselves for delivery. The light music and peaceful surroundings will bring your mind off your busy schedule and focus on you and your baby only during the seventy five minutes session. The class is very small, about 3 to 8 persons each session, so you can expect much more personal attention and experience with the Yoga instructor. It is also a good place to know more mums-to-be are just as passionate about their pregnancy as you are.

Beyond just providing Yoga lessons, Inspire Mum and Baby tailor their programs to the mothers-to-be before and after birth by offering services such as post-natal massage, facials and even courses for family and children. It is more like a one-stop family care centre rather than just a Yoga centre. You may want to learn more from their website

How do I feel after the class? Well, ..... I really appreciate the sense of peace and harmony brought about by the serene ambiance. I also felt a heightened sense of emotional control and of course, I slept very well that night, with whatever little “achingness”, due to the stretching exercises, disappeared by the very next morning!

For July, we are delighted to work on a collaboration project with Inspire Mum and Baby, by offering you a FREE pre-natal Yoga trial class with any purchase of maternity clothes online or from our showroom. With no obligations to sign up for any lessons and an eye-opening experience, it is definitely an attractive offer to not be missed! The promotion is valid for purchases until 31st July 2008 only.